1. identify the 20 percent of things you could practice that will deliver 80 percent of the value.
  2. Practice the highest-priority things more than everything else combined.
  3. practiceperfectKeep practicing them:  the value of practice begins at mastery!
  4. Save time by planing better in advance.
  5. Engage participants by repeating productive drills with minor variations instead of constantly introducing new ones.

The first rule focused on the importance of how you practice.  Now , what you practice matters.  Do you plan your practice?  Your practice will become more productive when you begin to plan your practice in advance. This may need to be done weekly but it goes without saying that as the week progresses you may need to make adjustments.  Is your practice productive?  Do you simply run through your songs?  I challenge you to chunk up your practice. Be specific. Drill spots until you achieve mastery. Now go plan your practice!!!!

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