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The Purpose of Art

Yesterday I had the honor of accompanying my daughter Shelby as she sang at her Great Grandma’s funeral. The music on that day was not for the purpose of entertainment or to feed the ego of the performer. Once again, I was reminded that the arts are not expendable. The arts are an essential part […]

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A Well Maintained Piano

Here is an interesting article to get you going on how to take care of your piano. The life of your piano is a “well maintained piano.” Justin Elliot, piano technician, in this article gives some good advice: Regular Tuning — it is like putting gas in your car Hammer Filing, hammer voicing and regulation […]

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Daniel Barenboim: 5 Minutes On…

In 2011, conductor-pianist Daniel Barenboim had a new piano designed to his specifications. Read about the interesting design inspired by Liszt’s piano which had straight strings in contrast to the grand pianos today which have diagonal string designs  HERE While I was reading about this radical piano design (great pictures in the above article), I […]

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