Celebrating Music on the Plains Feb. 17, 2017

It was a great experience for my students to host the Garden City High School A Cappella choir under the direction of Jane Vanderhoff. Here are just a few of the positives:

  • The reason for the Arts in Education was on display
  • The experience of singing in such a beautiful resonant space
  • The educational value of hearing another choir (and in western Kansas this is a treat)
  • The importance of hospitality and relationships
  • Parents and community supporting the education of our young people
  • Great music literature
  • Two communities coming together and celebrating what we have in common

I credit Tracy Resseguie, director of Staley High School, with starting this semi-annual event.  It all began when Tracy stopped in Hays for a concert on the way with his Chamber Choir on a Colorado Ski Trip. We kept the tradition ever since. Staley was unable to attend this year but it was through Tracy’s suggestion that we invite another high school choir to join us brought Jane’s group to Hays. Thanks Tracy and we missed you guys!!!

I don’t have any recordings of the Garden City performance but one of my parents did record Hays High and the two combined pieces. Enjoy the program below.



Hays High Chamber Singers

Jane rehearsing the Garden City A Cappella Choir prior to the concert

Garden City A Cappella, Hays High Chamber Singers, Johnny Matlock, Jane Vanderhoff, Lexi Robinson, and Andrew Zoschke
























Hays High Chamber Singers “Fields of Gold”


Hays High Chamber Singers “Flight Song”

Hays High Chamber Singers “M.L.K” Ryan Will, Soloist

Hays High Chamber Singers “Rytmus”

Hays High Chamber Singers “Ave Maria” Eric Adams, Soloist

Hays High Chamber Singers “In The Moon of Wintertime”

Garden City A Cappella and Hays High Chamber Singers
“The Shepherd’s Lamb

Garden City A Cappella and Hays High Chamber Singers “Let Everything That Hath Breath”

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