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In 2011, conductor-pianist Daniel Barenboim had a new piano designed to his specifications. Read about the interesting design inspired by Liszt’s piano which had straight strings in contrast to the grand pianos today which have diagonal string designs  HERE

While I was reading about this radical piano design (great pictures in the above article), I discovered that Barenboim has recently launched (I think in May 2016) a Youtube channel called “5 Minutes On…”  I have enjoyed watching these short videos featuring Barenboim talking about different pieces of music with him illustrating with beautiful piano playing on his  “Barenboim” Grand Piano.  

Wall Street Journal article on Barenboim’s new Youtube channel Music Education On the Go

Barenboim’s Youtube Channel

Description of Barenboim’s Youtube Channel: 

As one of the leading conductors and pianists of our age Daniel Barenboim is well known for his ability 
to challenge his listeners into taking an intense interest in music. He is now pursuing this approach 
for the first time with a number of formats specially developed for YouTube. 
In the case of both "5 Minutes On" and "Deconstructed", Barenboim will explore works and basic 
musical terms, explaining them at the piano.
In the case of Barenboim Explores, Barenboim will discuss current political, cultural 
and social events similar to the blogs on his website, sharing his thoughts and ideas with his 
viewers and encouraging them to join in a dialogue with him, to share their views and to give him 
their feedback.


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