Future Music Educators: Interview with Raeanna Peacock & Aislinn Walters

Raeanna Peacock and Aislinn Walters are pursuing their dream job — to be a music teacher, majoring in music education at Fort Hays State University.  Nothing makes me more proud than when my own students desire to have a career as a teacher, a music teacher. A profession that I consider to be worthy, valuable, NECESSARY, AND honorable and so rewarding — Listen as you hear how these students plan to make a difference in the lives of young people by sharing their passion with THEIR FUTURE students. 


Are you thinking of a career in music education? Maybe you know someone who is? What do you need to be doing in middle school and high school to prepare for pursing music in college?  Raeanna and Aislinn give some pretty good advise. Enjoy

1.  Give us some highlights of your music involvement at HHS.
the band and choir experience — highlights of your learning and experiences
2.  Aislinn, you were involved in both band and choir.  Why both?  
Your main instrument is saxophone, did singing in choir have influence on your playing; any new insights; would you recommend both and why???
Contest — important or not important — tell us about your experience
3.  Give us some highlights of your “extra” music involvement during high school.  i.e. honor groups
4.  How important were these experiences in your decision to be a music education major?
5.  How important were these experiences in your preparation for college?
High School preparation 
6.  At what point did you realize you wanted to be a music major? 
I believe that being a music educator is a calling. There is more to being a great teacher than simply “choosing it as a career.”   Give us the backstory.  What pushed you into music education? 
7.  When did you seriously begin preparing for college? 
8.  What did you do to prepare for college?  i.e. private lessons etc.
The college transition
9.  What is your schedule like? What classes do you have?  How many hours? How many music classes? How many general studies classes? 
10.  You have been in private lessons, you have been in band and choir, but how does it feel to actually “study” music? 
11.  Are you staying in the dorm? Time management? Activities? How busy are you? Is it different? 
12. Now that you have a couple of weeks into your Freshman year as a music education major, are there areas you wish wish you had preparation?


Check out this episode!

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