Podcast Episode #1: Introducing Matlock Music Works

The podcast is where I will endeavor to enrich and expand the voice of music in our larger community of Hays and beyond.  Over the 26 years of my teaching, I have heard from so many inspirational voices, most of which were right in my classroom. The insights from my students, observations and depth of thought inspired by the music-making experience, information about the composers, and gleanings from clinicians need to be shared.  The testimony of my students to what music means to them, the way music has shaped their lives, influenced their academic success, and prepared them for life is music education. Though stories like them have been told, I feel their is an urgent need to tell “our” students stories. Matlock Music Works Podcast is devoted to music advocacy, performance, and leadership. I hope you will join us each week as we let the students tell their stories, hear from area musicians and composers, and include you in our rehearsal journey.

Check out this episode!

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