Is there a piano student in your home? Is your piano in need of tuning?

If you have a student in your home taking piano lessons it is important to keep the instrument in the best shape possible. This means regular tunings and regular regulation work which keeps the piano playing well. Do the keys stick? Is there a note that doesn’t play? Do the pedals work properly?

Three good reasons to schedule a piano tuning.

  1. An in-tune and well regulated piano will encourage your piano student to practice.  The song sounds the way it is supposed to (provided you play the right notes).
  2. An in-tune piano is important to learning proper pitch, intervals, and chords.  A properly tuned piano is vital to developing good musical ear.
  3. It is good for the life of your piano.

Below is a piano that I tuned this past week.  After it was done, this young lady sat down and played one of her piano pieces she was working on. The way it should be.

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