The Classical Music Scene is Changing — Ad Astra Music Festival in Russell, Kansas

While in Russell today working on a noisy piano pedal at the Deines Cultural Center, I had some extra time and walked down to a local coffee shop. There sat John Bitsas  Ad Astra Young Artist bass-baritone who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance from Simpson College.  John was there interviewing […]

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Vocal Anatomy and Choir

I stumbled on to an interesting video and it made me think about all the terms I throw around during choir rehearsals. “Raise your soft palette.”  “Breath low and silent.”  “Release your jaw.”   As a voice student, I recall how learning vocal anatomy and understanding how the voice worked helped me to put a picture with what I […]

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Quarter-tone Piano

I tuned a piano a few days ago that sounded like this Quarter-tone piano before I tuned it. Just kidding sort of. Definitely fewer strings. Wow! What would that be like tuning a 24 Equal Temperment instead the normal 12? Want to hear what a Quarter-tone piano sounds like.  Example Quarter-tone piano composition Here is […]

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HHS Chamber Singers at FHSU Cathedral Concert

I look forward to the Chamber Singer performance in sacred space of St. Fidelis Basilica in Victoria.  I try to pick literature that makes good use of the acoustics while respecting and enjoying the spiritual overtones of this beautiful place.  This year we performed three pieces: Thou Shalt Know Him by Mark Sirett Thou shalt know […]

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