Parents Don’t Give Up — Interview with Nick Overbey


Parents Don’t Give Up

I have seen it many times. The child is talented; it is obvious he/she enjoys singing. But, they get to middle school and enter the “tunnel.”  You know what I’m talking about. Inside the tunnel of “is this cool? am I cool? that’s not cool.”  And so, they have the middle school “I don’t want to” syndrom.  PARENTS DON’T GIVE UP.  When kids are in the tunnel, they don’t see clearly. They need parents and adults to be their eyes.  And so, if you child loves music and has since birth, sings around the house all the time, listens to music non stop, use your influence to see that they choose music in their class schedules.  I know this is tough and tricky territory. I’m just saying, “Parents Don’t Give Up” on what you know is good for your kid, on what you know will be a positive influcence, on what you know is best, on what you know might become their niche in high school, and on what might be a lifetime of fulfillment, inspiration, and enjoyment!  Parents Don’t Give Up!

That is the back story of todays interview with Nick Overbey! His parents, Bill and Karen, did not give up. And the results…priceless!!!

Check out this episode!

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2 comments on “Parents Don’t Give Up — Interview with Nick Overbey”

  1. Karen overbey Reply

    Loved this Johnny. You are too kind but so right in that I knew Nick had a gift with his voice but his accomplishments went so far beyond what I ever imagined. You were a huge part of that!

  2. Spencer McCue Reply

    I’ll whole heatedly admit I was scorned away from music by peers in middle school, but luckily I found my way back to it my sophomore year thanks to a random question one day by my wonderful choir instructor, yes that’d be you Mr. Matlock. Honestly music, and chamber singers especially, changed my entire life and made me a better person. In summation, everything you said is so true, I would just like to add that teachers have just as much as an effect, and I would also like to say thank you so much Mr. Matlock for giving me another chance to jump into the wonderful world of music.

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