Before you model, tell those for whom you are modeling what to look for. 

The author makes the observation that many times “shadowing” or “mentoring” is ineffective because the mentoree does not know what they are looking for. This happens in the choral rehearsal many times when I model or play a recording. After the modeling, I ask the students what they heard.  Many times they miss the real details that I think were so obvious.  But when I set  the listening experience up with what do listen for — the observations are productive. “Call your shots” before you model.  Just like in the game of  billards.  “Eight ball in the corner pocket.'”  

I plan you use this techique with my student teacher.. Explaining my thinking, lesson plan, and goals before the rehearsal begins. Model. De-brief.  Have the student teacher do it.  Avoiding incorrect practice!!

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