Summer 2015 Piano Tuning Work

It’s summer!  At the Matlock’s, it’s time to slow down, recharge and plan for the next choir year.  At Matlock’s Piano Service summer time is catch up on a long list of tuning and repair requests.  So in between teaching summer voice lessons, spending time with family, learning Finale music software, listening to new choral music, selecting a musical, this is what we have been up to.

  • Summer is a good time to get your piano back in playing condition.  The past two weeks, we have tuned several pianos that were over a 1/2 step flat. These pianos had not been tuned in decades.  A couple of them took three quick pitch raises to get them up to pitch and stable. Fixed some stuck piano keys — some hammers rubbing on neighboring hammers, others where the key slip was rubbing against the keys, and one with a broken sustain pedal lever spring.
  • Summer is a good time to get your piano cleaned and tuned.  We cleaned up a 1950 Schiller 4’8″ Grand, repaired the soft pedal mechanism, replaced stripped screws, tightened action screws, and lubricated the action. Take a close look, she is dirty!
    Schiller Grand Needs Cleaning

    Schiller Grand Needs Cleaning

    Our cleaning service includes cleaning the soundboard, removing the keybed, vacuuming out the insides, and blowing the dust off the keybed and action parts.

    Schiller Grand with Keybed removed for cleaning

    Schiller Grand with Keybed removed for cleaning

    This piano is breathing much better!!




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