Vocal Anatomy and Choir

I stumbled on to an interesting video and it made me think about all the terms I throw around during choir rehearsals. “Raise your soft palette.”  “Breath low and silent.”  “Release your jaw.”   As a voice student, I recall how learning vocal anatomy and understanding how the voice worked helped me to put a picture with what I was being instructed to do and it made me a more consistent singer.  Because of this knowledge, I began to learn faster and this knowledge gave me tools to correct myself which made my practice time and choir rehearsal time more productive.

I am curious as to what you see in this video.

You will get more from the video if you know what you are looking at so here is a head shot with some key parts labeled:





Watch the video of baritone Michael Volle, singing Wolfram “Song to the Evening Star” from Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser”.


Any revelations?  What do you see?



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