You Can Do It Too: Interview With Amy Jordan

Some people could not stay away from participating in choir. But are there some people who could not stay away from orchestra, band, and choir? Are there people who are so in to “all things music” that they are involved in school orchestra, band, and choir? Todays show we talk with Amy Jordan who was able to be involved in all three throughout her middle and high school years. I hope that her story will encourage and light a fire for some other young people who have the same desire. You can do it too. 

We learn from Amy:
  1. Benefits of being serious about music
  2. Benefits of being dedicated to music
  3. Benefits of being involved in performing in choir, band, and orchestra.
    1. how each area influenced and enhanced her enjoyment in the other areas
    2. how each area taught her certain aspects of music -allowing her to soar in other areas
    3. Her skills improved exponentially because she was involved in three music areas–
      1.  Improving her level of awareness and enjoyment
      2. Her influence on other fellow choir, band, and orchestra members ramped up — improving the ensembles she was part of
Amy is a key example of someone who has stretched not only herself but worked to bring the ensembles at HHS to a new level.
So, are other Amy’s out there…

Check out this episode!

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1 comment on “You Can Do It Too: Interview With Amy Jordan”

  1. Jean Walker Reply

    Way to go Amy! Music can bring so much into a student’s success and life. My daughter Ivy is doing the same thing right now. We have outstanding music programs and talent in this community and it makes me happy to see so many of our students benefiting from that.

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