Biggest Fan — Interview with Steve Miller

Full Chord Press begins its 5th season on Thursday, September 4.  This all-male, 6th through 12th grade, choir began with 6 charter members, a box of donuts, and one piece of music, the Beach-boys classic “Barbara Ann” and today has some 40 boys participating.  The success of this group owes much to the Hays community for support — financial and otherwise. The High Plains BarberShop Chorus in particular have, you might say, “adopted” Full Chord Press passing down their love of men’s singing by inviting them to sing along side them in such events as their annual show at Beach-Schmidt in April and singing the National Anthem for the opening of the special olympics at FHSU.  None of these collaborations would have been possible without our “biggest fan” Steve Miller.  Steve is often at our concerts and performances, shows up for rehearsals with a box of donuts — or I can’t count the times I have stopped in the morning at 6:30 to pick up the donuts from Daylight Donut for rehearsal to hear “they are already paid for.”  In fact, Steve was the one who said to me in 2009 — we need a boys choir in our school — he kept after me. I ‘m so glad he did. 

Check out this episode!

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2 comments on “Biggest Fan — Interview with Steve Miller”

  1. Becky Saddler Reply

    What a great interview! I learned many new things about both of you! Made me a little homesick to be part of the choir once again!

  2. Aaron Cunningham Reply

    What a magnanimous man of music! A true blessing to these young men and God’s second greatest gift to His children! Truly inspiring!

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