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A Well Maintained Piano

Here is an interesting article to get you going on how to take care of your piano. The life of your piano is a “well maintained piano.” Justin Elliot, piano technician, in this article gives some good advice: Regular Tuning — it is like putting gas in your car Hammer Filing, hammer voicing and regulation […]

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Quarter-tone Piano

I tuned a piano a few days ago that sounded like this Quarter-tone piano before I tuned it. Just kidding sort of. Definitely fewer strings. Wow! What would that be like tuning a 24 Equal Temperment instead the normal 12? Want to hear what a Quarter-tone piano sounds like.  Example Quarter-tone piano composition Here is […]

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Summer 2015 Piano Tuning Work

It’s summer!  At the Matlock’s, it’s time to slow down, recharge and plan for the next choir year.  At Matlock’s Piano Service summer time is catch up on a long list of tuning and repair requests.  So in between teaching summer voice lessons, spending time with family, learning Finale music software, listening to new choral […]

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