1. When teaching a technique or skill, practice the skill in isolation until the learner has mastered it.
  2. Uncover and retrain when compensatory skills are masking the need for isolated skill development.

Confession, my students are masters at compensating for what they don’t know. Unfortunately, I am such a master teacher that I have learne how to make a good performance inspite of deficiencies.  I am trying to reframe all my rehearsals to see them as preparation programs where I can “practice down” focusing on foundational musicianship and vocal technique skills.  The fear is that students wil get board.  I enjoyed reading once again about John Wooden how he would have the players practice without the ball. he felt they were too distracted to score and rebound, as in a game, when he wanted their total focus on specific skills.  My new rehearsal mantra:  PRACTCE DOWN.   Through the literature, I want to break up the needed skills into bite-sized chunks, remove the distractions, and drill the fundamentals.  I need to develop the skill in my self to see through the fog of compensation.

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